I am Nilupa lakmali of Batuwangala evillage.

I am glad to introduction my self .I am M.A Nilupa Lakmali. M.A stands for Mapalagama Acharige.My fiends call me Nilu. It’s my pet name, where At home I am being called. I was born in 1991 may 18.Now I am a 17 years old. My village is Batuwangala. It is situated in Gall district. My home town is Neluwa.

There are 4 members in my family. They are my father ,my mother ,my younger sister and myself .My father Mr: M.A Gamini Jayantha. He is a farmer. My mother Mrs: B.A Sunitha Malani. She is a good house wife. She makes our house a home. My sister is M.A Ayeshika Madushani .She studies G/Batuwangala M.V. Our family is a middle class one. Our main income is a small tea estate. We live in peace and harmony.

To tell some thing about my education I was educated 1st in G/Batuwangala Maha Viduhala. After My GCE OL examination I entered to G/Vidyaraja National School of Thawalama. I am following my A/L in Commerce stream. I faced the exam in 2010.I hope to enter to the University.

I like say about my school life. I had a beautiful butterfly school life. I met a lot of friends in my school life .There are,D.Himesha ,K.M.G.Sashini,S.D.L.Swarna,G.K.Dilrukshi.Then my new friends are Sumudu,Dineesha,Maheshika and Chathuri.My friends are very good. They very kind.

My favorite persons are my mother and father. They are very kind. My favorite place is in my home. My favorite game is netball. My favorite subjects are Accountancy, economics and English.

My hobbies are collecting stamps and reading story books. And I like so much recalling the past time. It is some times sad and some times very happily. I think I will have a bright future. My future ambition is to be a manager one day.

I have lost of future ambitions, among them I like to be a good citizen. I hope look after my parents one day. Finally I wish my self success.


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  1. Waruna Lakmal
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 11:34:48

    Dear daughter,
    I’m very happy to see this kind of work from you people. I found your blog and others by chance. Anyway this is a great works.. Even I also dont take much time to manage a my blogs.(even though i have many blogs).

    So, will you all the best and hope you all people continue this in the future too, bringing better future for the our country..

    Waruna (Computer Instructor @ USJP)


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