Sinharaja Rainforest

Sinharaja rainforest.

The Sinharaja forest is the only undisturbed rain forest left in sri lank. It is about 900 hectares in extent. Many of the plants are very rate. Over 60 of the tree species are found only in the lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka. If these species of trees are allowed to get destroyed the world would lose them altogether. So it is important that much effort is made to conserve this rich, valuable and fragile habitat.My school is in frat of Sinharaja Rain Forest.Batuwangala  e-village is the place where we connect to the Global village.

The sinharaja rainforest is the largest rainforest reserve in Sri Lanka . In 1840 sinharaja became a crown property. In 1988 the sinharaja was made national wilderness area. In 1989 UNESCO included the sinharaja forest in the world heritage list, as the first national heritage of sri lank.

The sinharaja forest is home to many rare animals, birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles and trees. Ferns and mosses grow well as the climate is humid because of heavy rainfall.

The vegetation

Vegetation means trees, shrubs and woody climbers. The average height of trees in the sinharaja varies between 35 to 40 meters. Some trees are above 50 meters.

The animals and the birds.

Sinharaja provides a habitat for animals. The plants provide them with food. There are large mammals as well as small acnes living there. The purple faced monkeys can be observedeasily.They move about in groups. There are herbivores, carnivores as well as mixed feeders. The wild pig, the sambur,the mouse-deer and the barking-deer are some that you find in the sinharaja.There is also evidence of the presence of the leopard. Among others are the rusty spotted cat and the fishing cat. There are many other varieties of small mammals.

Studies have recorded 147 species of birds. Some threatened species of birds are found in the sinharaja.Amang them are the blue magpie, the white- headed starling and the ash-headed babbler.


Studies have recorded 45 varieties of reptiles. These include snakes, lizards ands tortoises. The vital necessity. It also controls floods, which is a constant threat due to heavy rainfall in the area.

Rain forests the importance of rainforests

Tropical rainforests area located around the equator. The temperature around the equator is hit. Hence the rate of water evaporations high. As a result there is frequent rain in rainforests. her are found in south and central America,Africa,in the islands around Australia and Asia. The rainforests are import to human existence and the surroundings. Rainforests are a rich source of medicinal plants, food and useful forest products. They maintain about 50 of the plant, animal,bird,reptile and insects of the world. These forests help to maintain a regular rainfall. They also stand as a buffer against floods, droughts and stand as a buffer against floods, droughts and erosion. These forests produce a significant amount of the world’s oxygen.


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